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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Dr. Seuss

We care... a lot.

Let's make the world better together.

We know that you care – about what you do, who you serve, what you deliver, the legacy you leave. We want you to know that we care too… a lot. We’re a passionate, driven team that is dedicated to partnering with people like you to take on projects that make a difference.

Our Guiding Principles


We are dedicated to speaking the truth while respecting the other person’s professionalism. We call things out without personal agenda, motive or ill-will. It is dedication to getting a project done by always addressing issues, situations and difficulties in order to expedite what is being accomplished or completed. Discomfort is sometimes part of the process, as we acknowledge that the larger agenda is of the utmost importance.


We are not independent workers who only have our part to accomplish. We are soccer players who work together to advance the ball. No one can do a job solely by themselves. We need organizational, philosophical and emotional support to get a total project done. This mindset requires, demands and expects us to lock arms together to lift large projects and situations. We also know that it takes humility before others to truly accomplish amazing things.


We do our very best in everything we do, and at the end of the day, we hold ourselves accountable for results, which are the true measure of success. We spend our time on what is required first and what generates the prioritized return. We will do whatever it takes—long hours, focused dedication, sacrifice, and commitment to the project in order to get the priority jobs done. Then we will seek new opportunities and serve others as tenaciously as possible.


We believe that the other person is doing their best all the time. If a mistake happens, it is not due to lack of effort or because they “dropped the ball,” but rather because of a changing landscape. This is how we view people and situations—extending grace with humility to believe in a co-worker or organization.

Our Team

Strategy | Analytics | Creative

We are a well-rounded, seasoned group of professionals with years of experience in our expertise. All team members have for-profit and nonprofit management, executive, and/or development experience. The people you see here are the people you will work with. Additionally, we engage a highly-vetted network of contract specialists to keep overhead low and execution success and customer satisfaction high. Based on the requirements of your project, we’re able to engage our network to meet your specific needs and timeline.

Headshot of Amanda Bocik smiling

Amanda Bocik


Amanda has over a decade of nonprofit executive leadership experience and led multiple organizations. In her last role of 7 years, she helped triple the organization in revenue, locations, and people served. Now, she is a partner of Evergreen Results, a marketing firm focused on helping purpose-driven organizations scale and sustain their impact.

Adam Bocik


Adam has a gift in analyzing and understanding the intersection of sales, marketing, creative and analytics. From lead acquisition to customer success, Adam is the definition of full-stack marketer. From humble agency beginnings to C-level corporate consulting, Adam’s approachable style brings teams together, progresses ideas forward, and fosters adoption that delivers results.

Dave Grout

Senior Strategist

Dave is a veteran in sales and marketing, strategy, culture creation and campaign delivery. He assists corporations, nonprofits and universities in everything from branding to the implementation of holistic growth strategies. With over 20 years of consulting expertise guiding organizations to efficiency and clarity, Dave’s enthusiastic work ethic leads him to perform your work with commitment and excellence.

Kelly Ann Creevey

Marketing Consultant

Kelly Ann is the person every organization wants on their team. She is a swiss army knife of skills and has worked with a broad range of organizations spanning the corporate, government, private, and nonprofit sectors. With more than ten years of marketing and public relations experience, Kelly helps organizations develop strategic initiatives that align teams and drive toward organizational objectives.

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We want your next step to be our next step too. We believe in the potential of what you’re doing, and we can’t wait to help advance your organization’s mission.

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