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Don’t Abandon Your Fundraising Event

Your 2020 event strategy looks completely different from what you expected—and now you’re faced with hard decisions as you consider what to postpone, what to cancel, and what to move to a virtual format. Sure, this may be stressful, but you can still reach your event goals by hosting a virtual event or virtual fundraiser. When in-person events are not an option, moving things online can still ensure that your nonprofit is able to accomplish your fundraising goals.

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Home office with live edge wood desk with a computer, lamp, and plant on it

7 Ways to Cultivate Relationships with Stakeholders Remotely

When we cannot physically be with our team, volunteers, clients, and donors it is even more important to connect and engage remotely. It is not the time to be silent. It is not the time to be distant. There are ways we can connect with our stakeholders to build stronger relationships. We need them – and they need you. In this webinar, we go over the foundations of cultivating relationships with stakeholders and 7 ways to do that remotely.

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