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Don't abandon your event. Adapt!

Shifting your major event to a digital experience can feel overwhelming and deflating, but don’t abandon it! Let’s talk about adapting to virtual and the benefits of shifting your event.

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Your 2020 event strategy looks completely different, but that's ok!

Your 2020 event strategy looks completely different from what you expected—and now you’re faced with hard decisions as you consider what to postpone, what to cancel, and what to move to a virtual format.

We know that event changes can be stressful and confusing for all involved, but you can still reach your event goals online by hosting a virtual event or virtual fundraiser. When in-person events are not an option, moving things online can still ensure that your nonprofit is able to accomplish fundraising goals.

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Companies like Evergreen Results are working hard to make the transition from in-person to virtual events seamless, and while there have been some bumps along the way, the results have been more positive and fruitful than imagined.

In fact, we’re pretty sure virtual events aren’t going away any time soon. There are definitely benefits to being able to meet in-person, but there are enough pros on the virtual side that we expect to see fully virtual events go well on into the future and perhaps even a melding of virtual aspects with future in-person events once safe again.

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Why hosting a virtual event will still be a success.

What we need to do now is simply learn and adapt. It’s time to start taking what we’ve learned from the spring of 2020 and use it to build an incredible virtual event experience. While making this pivot can feel daunting and scary, especially when your organization depends on the support raised, there are many benefits to virtual fundraising:

  • It's a paradigm shift.

    Online fundraising events aren't as logistically complex as physical events. More attention should be placed into digital, creative and production. It’s a shift in focus that can still yield fruitful results.

  • Costs can be minimized (somewhat).

    You may have to shell out some of your budget for the proper equipment to record and broadcast your production, and for the technology to allow your audience to consume it. Some of these costs are fixed and some can vary, some are a one-time deal and others might crop up again and again if you put on multiple events. The main point is: running a virtual event is probably not going to be free. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    But! A lot of the costs you usually have to figure in for an in-person event are not going to trouble you. Renting a space, paying for catering, signage for the event space—this is all more or less not going to be an issue. Virtual fundraising events can be more cost-effective compared to live events when you optimize the digital experience.

  • Location, location, location….doesn’t matter!

    Since virtual fundraising events don’t have a specific location (or even date/time sometimes), you can recruit even more supporters who otherwise may not have been able to attend in person. Barriers like travel, time constraints, schedules, and accommodations are eliminated, making it so much easier for stakeholders to attend.

  • Engagement and connectedness is still possible!

    Technology like video chat and messaging makes it possible for attendees to feel connected, even when they’re not together.

    Integrated tools like live leaderboards, donor scrolls, campaign updates, and video make it easy for organizations to engage with supporters before, during, and after the event.

In short – the key is shifting your focus from planning an incredible in-person experience to providing an incredible, engaging digital experience. But don’t lose heart! Your event can still be a memorable, fun, inspiring experience for stakeholders even if it’s virtual. Adapt but don’t abandon!


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