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Open Position:

Digital Marketing Sales Executive

We help health & wellness, food & beverage, and outdoor recreation brands scale and sustain impact.

Hey there! We’re Evergreen Results, a marketing and development consultancy that helps health & wellness, food & beverage, and outdoor recreation brands scale and sustain impact. We’re looking for our new, favorite team member (don’t tell the others).

We’re a 100% remote team, and we’ve been that way since before it was cool. We also promote a 4-day work week. We only point that out because it’s indicative of our culture. All of our team members are adults (surprise!), and we treat them that way. We trust each other. We care about results, not hours or time at the office. So, let’s talk about this position…

This position boils down to 4 key priorities:

Who You Are

You are a passionate new-business hunter, expert closer, and master negotiator – an expert at driving revenue, exposure, and building impactful relationships.

The Digital Marketing Sales Executive is a critical role at Evergreen Results. You are the first point of contact with the agency’s potential clients. You are responsible for pitching and selling our foot-in-the-door offers in addition to high-ticket projects and marketing strategies to our target market via inbound and outbound methodologies. You’ll be equipped with modern sales technology that will make you effective and efficient, along with ongoing sales training.

You guide prospects to success with their marketing and advertising efforts by leading them to partner with Evergreen Results. You have strong and effective relationship development skills as well as knowledge of inbound and digital marketing and sales strategies.

You have a thorough understanding of (i.e. live/love this stuff):

Finally, you have many stories (results) of successful campaigns that achieved client goals whether lead generation, downloads, sales, fundraising, or something else.

Now, we get it. It’s a long list. You might be thinking, these guys are looking for a unicorn. If that’s the case, you might not be the right fit. However, if you’re asking yourself, “Am I a unicorn?” we should talk. Anyway, here’s more info on the position if you want to keep reading…


Lead Generation 

  • Generate and identify qualified sales leads, work prospects through a sales process, and actively improve the sales funnel to optimize and improve outcomes over time. 
  • Though we believe in inbound an omni-channel sales approach (ads, email, LinkedIn, etc) you will welcome and embrace picking up the phone to call prospects. 


  • You will be comfortable building relationships with and selling to the C-suite within mid-sized companies. 
  • Educate yourself on your market and its nuances to gain business knowledge through research and intelligence gathering.
  • Sales process management and proposal generation
  • Meet quota
  • Get after it – and have fun!

Data/Process Management & Reporting

  • Leverage sales technology and engagement tools to manage prospects 
    • Read: Effectively and consistently use a CRM (Hubspot)
  • Achieve/exceed weekly & monthly performance metrics (appointments set, qualified leads worked, deals closed, etc). 
  • Keep CRM organized and current with conversations, deals, follow-up, etc.

Things that will help you succeed in this position:

Highly driven and detailed

  • Display resilience when facing rejection. This is sales… you will be rejected often.
  • Prioritizes and plans work activities
  • Uses time efficiently
  • Sets goals and objectives
  • Develops realistic action plans
  • Demonstrates attention to detail and highly organized

Collaborative team leader

  • Exhibits objectivity and openness to others’ views
  • Gives and welcomes feedback
  • You can own up to failure and not point fingers when things aren’t going smoothly
  • Contributes to building a positive team culture
  • Puts success of team above own interests

Strategic/holistic thinker

  • Develops strategies to achieve organizational goals
  • Understands organization’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyzes company and client market and competition
  • Identifies external threats and opportunities
  • Adapts strategy to changing conditions

Excellent problem solver

  • Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner
  • Gathers and analyzes information skillfully
  • Works well in group problem-solving situations
  • Uses reason even when dealing with emotional topics
  • Avid learner and researcher

Excellent & Persuasive Communicator

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Presents and influences to key stakeholders at all levels of an organization, including executive and C-level
  • Excellent listening, negotiation and presentation abilities

Technical Proficiency

  • Solid experience with CRM software (e.g. Salesforce, HubSpot), project management software (Asana), and Google Docs
  • Working knowledge of modern digital marketing strategies and tools



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