Episode 38

Building A Lifestyle Brand for Nurses

With Guest Alicia Tulsee

, Founder and CEO

Moxie Scrubs

Alicia Tulsee

After being turned down at least 100 times Alicia Tulsee has developed a business that is rapidly growing into one of the leading apparels brands for the medical community today. Alicia knew she had something worth fighting for so mustered all the moxie she had herself to develop the first direct to consumer apparel brand for nurses, Moxie Scrubs. Listen in on how she never stopped fighting for those that fight for us when we are at our worst.

Today's Guest

Alicia Tulsee

Alicia Tulsee

Alicia Tulsee is a native New Yorker and Harvard alum, based in Boston, MA, and the founder of the first direct-to-consumer medical apparel brand for nurses, Moxie Scrubs.

In awe of all of the amazing nurses who cared for her loved ones, Alicia felt a calling to do something meaningful for the nursing profession and founded the brand out of Harvard University’s Innovation Lab with the passion to create a brand dedicated to giving nurses the sense of fashion, professionalism, and respect that they want and deserve.

‘Moxie’ defines the 'force of character, determination, and resourcefulness,' of the nurses across our country on the frontlines today; More than a brand, this is a movement.

What We Talked About

1st lifestyle brand for nurses with a mission to enhance the “moxie” nurses already have
Nurses are at every “touchpoint” of the medical world so this is brand with their specific needs in mind
Created the only brand associated with the American Nurse Association
Challenges of creating a company during 2020 and then experiencing rapid growth
Making life better/easier for nurses makes life better for everyone

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