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Episode #3

Connecting Rage to Purpose

With Guest, David Gerber


Novus Global


How David Gerber fought through the mess and the mud of fear, shame, embarrassment, and failure to build a thriving coaching career where he helps people live up to their fullest potential.

Today's Guest

David Gerber

David Gerber is a partner, speaker, and coach with Novus Global, an executive coaching firm that works with Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, and high-profile business leaders to develop lives, transform teams, and elevate companies to go beyond high performance. With over a decade of leadership development experience, David is passionate about helping people come alive and create extraordinary results.

Committed to building and strengthening communities, David is a long-term volunteer with Defy Ventures, an organization that works with people in prisons and transforms the lives of those with criminal histories through collaboration along the entrepreneurial journey. With Defy, David emcees and facilitates educational sessions and coaches inmates on business plans. Locally he serves in leadership with the Rotary Club of Oakland. Additionally he has done volunteer work internationally with some of the world’s most impoverished children and families.

When he is not speaking on stage or coaching prominent leaders worldwide, he is pushing his body to the limit by completing a full Ironman and running marathons. An international traveler, David has spent time in Africa, Central America, Asia, and Europe for both work and play.

Married to Sarah, an entrepreneur, founder, and film-maker who founded Twenty Twenty Studios, the two live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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