Episode 31

How CBD Saved This Family Horse Which Then Launched A Family Business

With Guest Deborah, Samuel, Madison, + Avery Carter

Trove CBD


Imagine trying every possible solution to save the pet you love. Our pets are our family and many of us would do almost anything to help them if it meant preventing humane euthanasia and keeping them in our lives.

That’s what led Deborah Carter to using CBD to help her horse, Star, just days before having to euthanize her. Star experienced significant improvement immediately. Today, Star is healthy, sound, and expecting her first foal. Then inspired by Star’s incredible recovery story, Deborah and her son Samuel Carter set about to investigate, assess, and document results of CBD trials in people, horses, dogs, and cats. The results were overwhelmingly positive, nearly immediate, and supportive of widespread reports of the benefits of appropriate CBD delivery in promoting calm and addressing soreness, as well as supporting nervous/immune/GI/musculoskeletal systems. This became the genesis story of Trove CBD.

Today, Trove provides high quality CBD products for people, horses, dogs, and cats. And it is all run by the Carter family. Deborah, Sam, Madison, and Avery each play a crucial, yet different, role in the company. This is Part 1 of a special 2-Part series about Trove, this extraordinary family-owned and operated business.

Today's Guest


Deborah, Samuel, Madison, + Avery Carter

Deborah Carter

Deborah Carter began her professional career as an advertising copywriter, first for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and later for the then largest ad agency in Philadelphia. A move to Washington, DC found Deborah rooting for the Hoyas and earning her law degree from Georgetown University while helping to build a consulting firm where she
managed the Superfund sampling and analysis program for the US Environmental Protection Agency. Leaving the Clean Water Act for the clean water of Colorado, Deborah moved west to pursue the practice of law. An accomplished artist and designer, and an avid animal lover, Deborah competes in the equestrian sport of dressage and fosters rescue dogs, to date helping over 50 dogs and puppies find their forever homes. Her years of service on the board of a major charitable foundation contributed to significant awareness and advances in animal health research. In fact, it was the search for answers in resolving a devastating neuromuscular condition in her young horse that benched retirement and inspired Deborah and her son, Sam, to bring the health and wellness benefits of CBD for people and for animals to the marketplace with Trove.

Samuel Carter

Sam attended college at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Sam worked as a production coordinator with Sony Pictures Entertainment, followed by several years with Deluxe Entertainment as a visual effects project supervisor. Sam was lucky enough to work on several of the top grossing films of all time. Sam returned to Colorado in 2015 as a project manager for a heavy civil construction company. Projects under his supervision are now an integral part of the Denver Metro infrastructure. While Sam's skill in project management made starting Trove possible, his desire to alleviate the aches and pains of people's active lifestyles and his love for animals were his inspiration to start Trove with his mother, Deborah.

Madison Carter

After attending Boston College, Madison returned to Colorado to pursue a very successful career as a Wealth Management Advisor with Morgan Stanley. Always a fitness fanatic, she teaches three spin classes per week which has led to an even larger network, a little extra income, and a formidable knowledge of fitness, health and wellness. In addition to her professional pursuits, Madison is a leader in numerous philanthropic organizations, with a specific focus on children and education. For Trove CBD, Madison is the resident financial guru and networking expert and has earned the title of Director of Business Development.

Avery Carter

Avery attended Syracuse University where she studied Fashion Design and Entrepreneurship. After graduation, she stayed on the east coast to pursue a career as a fashion designer in New York City. After eight successful years leading celebrity brands at Kohl's Department Stores, she is now a Design Director at maurices. Along with her full-time design career, Avery is⁠ also the Creative Director of Trove CBD, managing all things visual and social.

What We Talked About

What Trove CBD is, why it works, and how it is different
How Trove CBD started as a response to save a family horse
Star’s miraculous story
How the whole family has a role in Trove’s success
How Trove is working to advance the knowledge about how CBD can be applied to wellness for animals
The myths around CBD
Things customers should know and questions to ask when evaluating CBD products
The benefits of CBD

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