Episode 28

How strengthening your core can improve your life and your community

With Guest Jeff Huling + Doniphan Stone

, Co-Presidents


Doniphan Stone and Jeff Huling

In Part 1, Doniphan Stone shared his story of surviving cancer at the young age of 15. And how that eventually led to his career in health and fitness and the creation of the Corefirst training system. In this Part 2 episode, we hear from Donny and his business partner, Jeff Huling. They share the genesis story of Corefirst, but we also talk about how health and fitness impacts your leadership and longevity. We talk about the importance of strengthening your core for your mental health and Jeff shares a deeply personal story of triumph about his experience with bullying as a kid. These two are so inspiring and they will challenge you to become the leader you want to be starting from your core first.

Today's Guest

Doniphan Stone and Jeff Huling

Jeff Huling + Doniphan Stone

In 2009, Jeff was co-founder and CEO of Aspen Core Fitness, LLC (ACF), a fitness equipment, program and education company, based out of Aspen, Colorado. Jeff helped take ACF’s products from conception to producing over $20M in revenue in industry record time. He was integral in all aspects of the business, including business plan development, capital fundraising, board / shareholder assembly and building the team and culture from the ground up. Jeff also reverse-engineered the company’s structure, strategy, assets and human capital for a seamless exit and acquisition by Fitness Anywhere, LLC (TRX) in January of 2011. With the acquisition, Jeff moved to San Francisco to become Sr. Director and shareholder at TRX, assisting in driving company gross revenues to $129M between 2012-2014- the largest revenue growth spurt in the company’s 14 year history.

Jeff has completed four company start-ups in California and Colorado, including “Leagues,” a leadership, life-acceleration organization where its members declare bold unreasonables for themselves, their close relationships and their community (founded in January, 2016). He is also a member of Sir Richard Branson’s entrepreneur networking forums where select individuals are chosen to gather and share ideas with world-renowned business leaders. Jeff was also a seven-time National TaeKwon-Do Champion and three-time, 6-man Taekwon-Do team member and multi-medalist representing the United States in Canada, Malaysia and Russia.

Doniphan Stone has been a business owner and private trainer for nearly 10 years. ‘Donny’ was the creator of Iso Straps, the original concept behind the Corefirst Trainer™, and the Fearless Personal Training app. He co-authored the book Fearless Devotion, about creating and achieving your goals from the inside out. He is the President and Founder of EPIC, a non-profit focused on empowering and equipping individuals towards what God has put on their heart. He is the Co-President and Founder of Corefirst™ and currently lives with his wife, Mia, in Denver Colorado.

What We Talked About

Introducing Donny’s business co-pilot, Jeff Huling, and his background
What brought Jeff and Donny together to create Corefirst
Where the name ‘Corefirst’ comes from
What the Corefirst training system is and how it’s different
Why your core is so important
How health and fitness impacts mental health and leadership
Corefirst’s goal to get America to drop the dumbbells
The role community plays in their business
Jeff’s experience with bullying and how that impacted him
What they would do different and why

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