Episode 20

Is Your Marketing Making You Money?

With Guest Adam and Amanda Bocik

, Owners and Managing Partners

Evergreen Results

Adam and Amanda Bocik

Are your marketing efforts bringing in the results you need for your business? Is your marketing generating revenue?

Today is the second part Q & A where Adam and I answer your questions. In this episode we talk all about marketing – what is it, why is it important, what should it be doing for your company, and more. We also talk specifically about websites and digital advertising. We take a dive into marketing to help equip you so you can increase your impact.

Today's Guest

Adam and Amanda Bocik

Adam and Amanda Bocik

Adam has a gift in analyzing and understanding the intersection of sales, marketing, creative and analytics. From lead acquisition to customer success, Adam is the definition of full-stack marketer. From humble agency beginnings to C-level corporate consulting, Adam’s approachable style brings teams together, progresses ideas forward, and fosters adoption that delivers results.

Amanda has over a decade of nonprofit executive leadership experience and led multiple organizations. In her last role of 7 years, she helped triple the organization in revenue, locations, and people served. Now, she is a partner of Evergreen Results, a marketing firm focused on helping purpose-driven organizations scale and sustain their impact.

What We Talked About

What is marketing?
What we do at Evergreen Results
How to know when you need a new website
What makes us different from other agencies
What is digital advertising
What we wish we would have done sooner

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