Episode 24

Overcoming Fear when Purchasing a Company

With Guest Angela Burke

, President + Chief Talent Architect

Palladian West

Angela Burke

Angela Burke purchased Palladian West in 2019. She dealt with tremendous fear in evaluating the decision. But, she decided to say ‘yes’ and pressed forward like the ‘Maverick’ she is. Then 2020 came just a few months after and she was faced with challenges she could have never anticipated. Angela discusses how she overcame her fear and what she has done the past year to lead her team and her company forward.

Today's Guest

Angela Burke

Angela Burke

For several years, Angela was an Executive Recruiter for Palladian West before she served as VP of Talent for nationwide non-profit Bethany, building out an entire recruiting department for the 1400+ employee organization. In 2018, she rejoined Palladian West as the Managing Director, and in late 2019 purchased the company from our founder, Shelley Crooks. Angela initiated the addition of Predictive Index and Psychometrics to our suite of services and is a Certified Predictive Index Practitioner and Talent Optimization Consultant.

Angela lives in Grandville, MI with her husband, David, two teenage daughters, Calista & Camdyn and their emotionally-needy Labradoodle, Scotch. Angela has an unexplainable and often challenged undying hope for a Super Bowl appearance from our Detroit Lions one day.

What We Talked About

How Palladian West started with its’ founder, Shelley Crooks
Angela’s journey and decision to purchase Palladian West
The fear she experienced when trying to make the decision whether or not to purchase the company
What she didn’t anticipate during her first year in owning the company
How she started to overcome the challenges that 2020 brought
How she made practicing gratitude intentional and tangible
Her advice for someone wanting to get hired
Her advice to overcome intimidation

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