Episode 27

Surviving a rare cancer at 15 to creating the Corefirst training system

With Guest Doniphan Stone

, Co-President + Founder


Doniphan Stone

Doniphan Stone survived cancer at the young age of 15. He not only survived it, but he regained his strength and became a Junior Olympic medalist in Taekwondo and played Division II collegiate soccer.

Today, he is the co-author of the book Fearless Devotion, which is about creating and achieving your goals from the inside out. He is also the Co-President and Founder of Corefirst™ and created the original Corefirst training system.

To say that Donny is an ‘overcomer’ seems like an understatement. I am confident Donny’s story will inspire you today.

Today's Guest

Doniphan Stone

Doniphan Stone

Doniphan Stone has been a business owner and private trainer for nearly 10 years. ‘Donny’ was the creator of Iso Straps, the original concept behind the Corefirst Trainer™, and the Fearless Personal Training app. He co-authored the book Fearless Devotion, about creating and achieving your goals from the inside out. He is the President and Founder of EPIC, a non-profit focused on empowering and equipping individuals towards what God has put on their heart. He is the Co-President and Founder of Corefirst™ and currently lives with his wife, Mia, in Denver Colorado.

What We Talked About

His story of surviving Ewing Sarcoma cancer at 15
How he started recovering and the support he received from family and friends
The view he has of himself that helped get him through this rare type of cancer
How he worked through sadness, anger, and fear
The scariest moment he had and what came from that
Why he chose to help people through health and fitness
How our emotional and mental wellness is impacted by our physical health and vice-versa
How he defines success and failure
His encouragement to check-in with your emotions every day (SASHET exercise)
What Corefirst is and what we will discuss in Part 2
To be continued next week...

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