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Branding Hope in the Rocky Mountains



Grace Mountain Ranch is a unique and safe place where people can work through life’s challenges. They provide effective, non-traditional therapeutic experiences with horses. As a start-up, GMR founders and funders sought the consult of Evergreen Results, experts in starting, running, and growing therapeutic riding centers that specialize in EAL, EAP, and other equine/human based services. As part of the overall strategy, branding was an early-stage project we helped accomplish in order to align communications and efforts moving forward.


The GMR founding team already had the name picked out, so Evergreen Results facilitated two workshops with GMR leadership to develop a messaging framework and set the foundation for identity work.

Mission Statement

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan and can leave us feeling trapped or hurt. Through the unique, God-given connection between people and horses, we help those who have experienced pain find hope and wholeness.

Story Pitch

The pain that stems from trauma, abuse, addiction, and loss can leave people feeling angry, lost, sad, frustrated, anxious, or lonely. When we don't deal with the pain, it affects our personal peace and our relationships with others and God, resulting in brokenness.

Grace Mountain Ranch is a unique and safe place to work through life’s challenges. We provide an effective, nontraditional therapeutic experience with horses. When people come to the ranch, they discover extraordinary healing and growth.

Grace Mountain Ranch exists because we believe people can find hope and wholeness through the God-given connection with horses.

A New Identity System

Grace Mountain Ranch Logo Package


The team eagerly embraced the new branding, and we continued forward with a solid foundation to begin building out the website… coming soon!

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