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An Impactful Identity

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This outreach began when a local county approached a church about having a need for more families to become foster care families or to support families in foster care. The church then started the process of developing a model to recruit foster care and adoptive families, as well as provide wrap around support services for current foster and adoptive families. This is a cause close to our hearts at Evergreen Results so we joined the effort to help develop an outreach that could serve as a model nationwide. At the time, the outreach did not have an identity. They had some of the process for serving developed, but identity, messaging and branding did not exist. Evergreen Results created a name, mission statement, identity, and branding which then became a unified rallying cry to publicly launch the outreach with enormous success.


The Rise leadership team was led through a branding process including coming up with the name, clearly articulate the brand, message, and tone, and art directing the identity. This brought alignment amongst staff, program participants, and volunteers.

In developing the identity system, a simple but very powerful type based mark was created using the negative space of a child’s silhouette to form the “R” of RISE. While ambiguous, the child has a sense of hope, purpose, and strength that we hope all children experience.

Rise Foster Care and Adoption Support New Identity
There are more children in need of a safe environment than there are families to care for them. We are here to recruit and support families to rise and foster or adopt with the goal of seeing every child rise to their full potential.






The new brand and collateral was warmly received and provided a lot of energy and momentum to the organization. The team was equipped with the tools they needed to carry the mission forward.

I’ve always dreamed of making a difference in the lives of kids, and I’ve known I couldn’t do that alone. However, the task of getting all my dreams and passions clearly stated in a way that shared my heart and got others excited to join me was overwhelming. Then, Amanda and her team took over… they asked the right questions, clarified the vision, and put together visual branding that painted a picture of my dreams of helping kids Rise to their full potential. What they did was beyond anything I had hoped for, and I had SO MUCH FUN learning from them and working with them through the process. The whole team constantly surprised me with how professional, fast, fun, and easy to work with they were. Our organization launched better than my dreams because of Amanda and her team.
Amanda and her team are beyond amazing to work with. They are smart, intuitive, and very efficient. They do a great job at connecting the heart of your company to the vision and putting it out there in a way that people really understand what you do. Not to mention they are really fun to work with! We have loved everything they have produced for Rise and they have provided such an incredible and professional product that put us ahead of the game.

The biggest value we gained was insight. We had a vision, and we had a mission, but Amanda’s team put it all together in a way we never could have. They embodied our dreams into working a mission statement, beautiful documents and so much more. We gained the ability to present Rise to others so that they could do more than hear our vision but jump on board with our vision.

Now, we look way more professional and organized. We have clearly defined goals and marketing materials to make us really successful. Before it was all talk, but now we can bring people along with us through everything their team has provided.

Finally, Evergreen Results is amazing to work with and is up to date with the newest programs, and they always have the answers to any questions we have. They worked long and hard for us and produced an amazing product for us while dealing with our ever-changing minds. I couldn’t imagine working with a better team than Evergreen Results!

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