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Organic Branding



Wandermore Kids started out of a passion to offer new moms and soon-to-be moms safe, allergy-friendly, comfortable, and stylish clothes and toys for babies and toddlers. The founders adopted a child that ended up having many very severe allergies and keeping him comfortable and safe from scratching himself. They ended up dressing him in 100% organic cotton zip-up onsies for two-years before being able to get a good handle on his challenges. Wandermore Kids offers many of the solutions the founders discovered during their journey of raising a baby with severe allergies.

The identity needed to be appealing to new moms and friends/family of moms but also portray the child-like nature of the brand. The Evergreen Results team focused on the inquisitive nature of kids and especially all that babies and toddlers discover in their first few years.

As such, we went with an illustrative, nature-inspired lockup with a soft color palette. 

Wandermore Kids Logo