Case Study | A D2C Food E-Commerce Brand

From 90,000 to 300,000+ Email Subscribers

Services: Email Marketing


This D2C e-commerce food brand had an adequate database of customers and influencers, but communication with them was often sporadic and lacked strategy. Regular emails did not follow a predetermined schedule or purpose nor did they accurately and consistently convey their intent. While emails were not sent in a timely manner, conversion rates were further impacted by the lack of brand continuity in the messaging. Often, opportunities were missed to drive sales by calling customers to action in an email.

In addition, while many Flows (automated email sequences) were established, customers were complaining about getting too many emails, often many on the same day. This was particularly true for new customers who would receive transactional emails, new subscribers emails, and new customers emails. This would continue for several days.


Evergreen Results implimented a three-phase approach to building an email strategy for this brand. First, we audited the current campaigns, lists, and Flows to recognize what was working well and identify what areas needed further optimized. Next, we cleaned the existing email list and built and implimented new and enticing ways to opt-in on the website, providing an opportunity to collect new customer information and increase sales. Finally, we collaborated with the brand to build a holistic one-year email content plan including defining 7-9 emails per month that would go out, the purpose of each email, and general themes through the year. Emails were a balanced mix of brand-building, educational, holiday celebration, and promotion, including introducing new products. These efforts stabilized the pre-existing customer list and increased the list size to over 300,000 customers in a year and a half’s time which has significantly increase attributable revenue from email campaigns. 

Working with Evergreen Results has been a true breath of fresh air; having an agency partner full of Swiss Army Knives is rare. Every team member who we have worked with has a myriad of skills — spanning design, analytics and strategy — and are quick to put those tools into action in ways that support our overall marketing program and brand growth. The tactical expertise and collaborative spirit that Evergreen offers is unparalleled.

Having worked together for nearly two years, the Evergreen team has been involved in major projects including a complete re-brand, impacting brand identity, packaging and web design, as well as management of our digital advertising, email marketing and search engine optimization. We have seen our customer base double and sales grow by 87% just within the first year of our partnership. This success speaks to the level of detail and attention that Evergreen pours into not just their clients but each and every project they manage on your behalf. I couldn’t recommend Evergreen enough; not only will you gain a team of stealthy marketers, but also some pretty inspirational friends.

Kelly Collopy
, Vice President of Marketing

Results: Increased Customer Value

Evergreen Results’ tactics improved open and click-through rates, ultimately leading to an increase in sales, average order value, and customer lifetime value. Over time, the brand developed an engaged and excited fan base that anticipates new products, shares innovative ideas, and actively advocates for its products, even against other competitors.

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