Case Study | Blair & Norris

Generating Leads & A New Retention Program


Without a digital marketing strategy, Blair & Norris was not showing in Google’s search results. They were in need of lead-generation tools, a conversion strategy, and a way to capture possible clients. Unable to respond quickly without an automated response system or 24-hour answering service,  potential customers headed to their competitor. A system nor strategy was not in place to retain clients after delivering quality service.


In order for Blair & Norris to continue to grow their customer base and achieve success, Evergreen Results leveraged the new website to create an effective digital strategy. This integrated strategy was designed to ensure Blair & Norris’s site would appear in organic search results through keywords, relevant content, backlinks, and other SEO best practices. We emphasized Blair & Norris’s experience in the water systems industry to increase the company’s credibility. This led to higher rankings on potential clients’ key search terms. Additionally, a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign was ran to increase brand awareness and collect leads to nurture into new customers.

Evergreen Results put our website at the top of Google for the keywords we needed to increase our business. Our future customers were able to see us above our competitors and this directly resulted in a significant increase our income.

Mack Blair
, Owner


The company has taken its newly generated leads and developed a retention program to ensure clients continue return when help is needed. Blair & Norris has also seen an increase in service demand, which has allowed them to hire more employees, update their equipment, and expand their service offerings.

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