Case Study | A D2C Food Brand

Consistent 5x+ ROAS


When we partnered with this D2C e-commerce food brand to manage their search and social digital advertising, we discovered outdated account and campaign structures and tiring ads. Ideal customers nor primary brand messaging were not defined; consequently, without integrating their ideal customers with their digital strategy, they weren’t able to capture their target audience or reach their order volume targets. Custom audiences and events were not being used effectively, and an overarching advertising omnichannel advertising strategy was missing.


Evergreen formulated an annual strategy focusing on the defined customers identified in the new brand standards. Ads were targeted toward the appropriate audiences using language that resonated with viewers and highlighted benefits they’d be most interested in. Evergreen progressively improved the strategy through account restricting, increased ad quality and relevance, retargeting, data collection and analysis, and A/B testing to evaluate ad effectiveness and conversion rates.

To ensure ads maximized their performance, Evergreen continually monitored various campaign metrics including CPM (Cost per 1,000 Impressions), AOV (Average Order Value), CTR (Click-through Rate), and ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). The creative was concise, clear, and accessible. All efforts led to 3x increase in the company’s attributable advertising revenue and allowed it to build margin for future business growth.

Results: Crazy-Good ROAS

Every e-commerce brand wants 3+ ROAS, but we’ve been able to consistently achieve a 5-10 ROAS for this D2C e-commerce food brand. While the past couple of years have been very volatile and often unpredictable for most e-commerce retail brands, we’ve been able to provide consistent digital advertising sales with very efficient ad spends for this brand.

Evergreen Results created sustainable digital advertising accounts, built to optimize results through decreased costs and increased customer spend. The structure has allowed the brand to continually reach and gain new customers while also increasing loyalty among current customers. The account’s Average Order Value (AOV) has consistently reached or surpassed 3x the single-product value while also maintaining click-through rates (CTR) that double industry standards and ROAS that is triple to quadruple industry averages.

Despite economic circumstances and inflation in 2022, this company has continued to grow. Through additional Google and Microsoft advertising, they’ve increased their presence in search, shopping and display results. With the utilization of Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Microsoft, and most recently, TikTok, the brand has a stable source and process for acquiring new customers and building its reputation through a very devoted following.

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