Case Study | Corefirst

Increased Sales and Capacity


When Corefirst approached Evergreen Results, it was lacking an effective sales system and digital marketing strategy. As a result, Corefirst was continually struggling to reach its sales goals. Knowing the value of its product, Corefirst was anxious to increase sales to the level of which its innovative system was worthy. Evergreen Results set out to address these issues and provide a roadmap for continued growth through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


In order to introduce an effective sales strategy, Evergreen Results assisted Corefirst with identifying key customers, prioritizing advertising goals, and developing key messaging. Evergreen Results also introduced an advertising strategy built to maximize its limited budget for new campaigns. Evergreen Results emphasized the various benefits of the product and educated potential customers about its versatility. Email campaigns were developed to enable Corefirst to send workout information to their opted-in audience list. The keyword social ad strategy provided Corefirst with a new customer base and the use of Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) increased sales and capacity.

Before we started working with Evergreen results, we tried doing some online marketing with almost zero sales. Evergreen Results helped us pinpoint the problems with our ads, landing pages, and checkout process. After a few months of working with them we went from revenue of almost $0 to doing almost 6 figures a month.

Doniphan Stone and Jeff Huling
Doniphan Stone
, Founder


With reliable, stable sales, Corefirst is now expanding into new niches and audiences with the opportunity to improve product offerings. With its profits, Corefirst has increased its charitable giving to nonprofits and mission-minded organizations.

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