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A New Brand and Increased Loyalty

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American Dream Nut Butter faced limitations in growing and expanding its client base due to their branding strategy being tied to only two specific consumer types. While they aimed to create visual standards for consistent branding across all creative outlets, the company’s rapid growth rate caused a lack of capacity for establishing clear brand standards, voice, and direction. This resulted in unpredictable artwork, inconsistent messaging, and on-the-fly execution – all factors that hindered the development of a strong identity for customers to identify with and ultimately limited the company’s growth potential.


The Evergreen Results team conducted a thorough brand dissection by meeting with the brand owners and asking questions about the original intent behind the business, their vision, and where they believed the current brand was falling short. To gain a better understanding of the current brand perception and reasoning behind brand allegiance, the Evergreen team also interviewed vital partners, staff, and influencers. Customers were sent an incentivized survey with questions about how they identify with the brand, their commitment to the product, and aspirations for future products. The information collected was then aggregated and segmented to identify emergent themes, keywords, and adjectives that would aid in describing the essence/ethos of the product, company culture, and consumers to pursue.

Working with Evergreen Results has been a true breath of fresh air; having an agency partner full of Swiss Army Knives is rare. Every team member who we have worked with has a myriad of skills — spanning design, analytics and strategy — and are quick to put those tools into action in ways that support our overall marketing program and brand growth. The tactical expertise and collaborative spirit that Evergreen offers is unparalleled.

Having worked together for nearly two years, the Evergreen team has been involved in major projects including a complete re-brand, impacting brand identity, packaging and web design, as well as management of our digital advertising, email marketing and search engine optimization. We have seen our customer base double and sales grow by 87% just within the first year of our partnership. This success speaks to the level of detail and attention that Evergreen pours into not just their clients but each and every project they manage on your behalf. I couldn’t recommend Evergreen enough; not only will you gain a team of stealthy marketers, but also some pretty inspirational friends.

Kelly Collopy
, Vice President of Marketing

Results: A Modern Brand with Meaning & Connection

Based on these findings, Evergreen developed a new brand identity that would enable company growth, engage customers visually while representing research results. A Standards Guide was presented to outline and prioritize standards for the company’s marketing teams and future growth strategy. To understand this specific mark, here is the brand mark explanation:

The Concept

The American Dream Nut Butter logo is designed to best represent the tone, voice and personality of the company and its philosophy of vision. This applies to both the graphic portion of the logo as well as corresponding fonts. It allows for the continued association of the product with the culture and history of the company but with a much more subtle and implied version of Americana.

The Waves

The backdrop of waves is meant to evoke several different subconscious concepts but done with a subtle visual appearance.

1) First, it represents the stripes of a waving flag that incorporate the company’s pro-America view and its pro-armed forces, police, fire, and rescue branches of the country.

2) Secondly, the waves are meant to give the feel of mid-American farmland – the “amber waves of grain”.

3) The third usage of the waves is a direct homage to the product itself and the smooth, drippy spread-ability of the nut butters.

The Spoon

The Spoon is an obvious reference to the brand as a food company but also as the favorite method of consumption by the “Butter Fam” faithful. Subconsciously, the spoon is associated with deserts and tasty treats. It is the go-to utensil for fast consumption of sweet indulgence as well as enjoyment.

The Heart

The heart within the spoon denotes a number of subtle elements as well. The heart stands for purity. It also, again, shows the vision of the company as one of giving and also of the passion with which the product is produced. Finally it portrays how loyal, raving fans feel about the American Dream Nut Butter products.

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