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Fundraising Goal Exceeded by $40k

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Agape is a nonprofit organization that provides hope and therapy for at-risk youth, people with special needs, and seniors through unique horse experiences. To effectively support its mission, Agape relies on the generosity of donors. They approached our team with the goal of raising $60,000 through a year-end fundraising campaign.


Over several weeks of collaborating, researching, and planning, we collectively decided to launch a fundraising campaign titled Agape’s 12 Days of Christmas. The campaign was a mix of digital and print advertising, including emails, social media posts, and mailed print pieces. Each ad directed recipients to a set of landing pages and YouTube videos, which were developed to encourage donations. The campaign promoted the idea that by supporting Agape’s organization, donors were positively contributing to the lives of Agape’s clients.

Evergreen Results makes my life half as hard and twice as good! Their heart for service comes with a refreshing amount of passion. They help us determine ways to make a greater impact with our stakeholders and give us the tools to make it happen. Their ideas are always creative, solid and backed by strategy.

Stephanie Amick
, Executive Director
Agape Therapeutic Riding Website Mockup


Through Agape’s 12 Days of Christmas campaign, Agape was able to meet and exceed its initial goal of $60,000. Agape received over 84 gifts with an average of over $430 per gift. This totaled to more than $100,000.

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