A True Partner

Wendy Steele

Evergreen Results is a true partner to Impact100 chapters around the world. They ask questions and listen to Impact100 leadership without any preconceived ideas. They communicate often and well throughout the brand identity and website process while delivering exceptional expertise at an incredible value.

Increased sales exponentially

Mack Headshot1

Evergreen Results helped us simplify our brand to empower both sides of our business. They created clear branding that depicted the value of service we have provided Central Indiana for the past 75 years. This broadened our customer base and increased our sales exponentially.

A partner full of Swiss Army Knives


Working with Evergreen Results has been a true breath of fresh air; having an agency partner full of Swiss Army Knives is rare. Every team member who we have worked with has a myriad of skills — spanning design, analytics and strategy — and are quick to put those tools into action in ways that […]

Half as hard and twice as good!

Stephanie Amick

Evergreen Results makes my life half as hard and twice as good! Their heart for service comes with a refreshing amount of passion. They help us determine ways to make a greater impact with our stakeholders and give us the tools to make it happen. Their ideas are always creative, solid and backed by strategy.