Building A Lifestyle Brand for Nurses

Episode 38: Building A Lifestyle Brand For Nurses

After being turned down at least 100 times Alicia Tulsee has developed a business that is rapidly growing into one of the leading apparels brands for the medical community today. Alicia knew she had something worth fighting for so mustered all the moxie she had herself to develop the first direct to consumer apparel brand […]

How Complacency Leads You Into Danger

Episode 39: How Complacency Leads You Into Danger With Guest Commander Rorke Denver

Husband. Father. Commander in the Navy SEALs. Actor. Mentor. Author. These are only a few of the words to describe Commander Rorke Denver. If you have followed the military at all his name will be familiar to you and even if you haven’t you would likely recognize him from his movie Act of Valor or […]

The Sky Is The Limit

Episode 40: The Sky is the Limit With Guest Peter Zaccagin

As a child Peter Zaccagnino was raised by a single mom and had zero connections to anything aviation. Still, he knew that it was something he had to pursue. He earned his undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering and shares some hilarious stories about how he paid for this alone. Peter was always looking for a […]

Key Characteristics of an Effective Leader

Episode 41: Key Characteristics of an Effective Leader

Anne Huntington Sharma is a fierce female leader focused on prioritizing accountability, communication, transparency and empathy in the workplace. As the current President of the Huntington Learning Centers she walks us through how she has taken the program from a strictly “brick and mortar” concept to a blend of virtual and physical during the Covid-19 […]

How Understanding Data Can Increase Fundraising Results

Episode 42: How Understanding Data Can Increase Fundraising Results

Tim Kachuriak didn’t take a direct path, like most, when he began his journey to the nonprofit scene. He has worked and lived in multiple states but still remembers the organization and the moment when his heart strings were pulled and he realized that the nonprofit world would be where he landed for his long […]

How to Keep People your Top Priority

Episode 43: How to Keep People Your Top Priority

Sarah Treadway is a powerhouse. As President and Co-CEO of Stout Street Hospitality, she has overcome challenge after challenge alongside her brother to keep their family business afloat. In this conversation we talk about the transition their father led them through before passing the reins over, as well as how they reacted to the pandemic […]

A Vision to see Entire Communities Help Raise Kids

Episode 44: A Vision to See Entire Communities Help Raise Kids

Imagine a world where entire communities stepped up to help raise future leaders? Where neighbors wrapped around each other to provide support for one another’s kids? This is the vision of Crittenton Services of Greater Washington and Siobhan Davenport. The goal is to be out of business because the community – from neighbors, to businesses, […]

5 Leadership Practices to Improve Company Culture

Episode 45: 5 Leadership Practices to Improve Company Culture

Kimberly Wiefling helps take toxic work cultures and turn them into thriving places where teams actually want to be. Her superpower is turning managers into leaders and groups into true teams who can achieve “impossible” together. She’s a “force of nature”, and is determined to use that force to make a significant positive impact on […]

How Commitment Leads to Courage and Courage Leads to Change

Episode 46: How Commitment Leads to Courage and Courage Leads to Change

Dr. Paul Zeitz is a physician, epidemiologist and tenacious award-winning advocate for global justice and human rights with over 35 years of advocacy experience. He has a vision for radical transformation for our world. In this episode we talk about his journey from medicine to activism and his diagnosis of S.I.P.O. Dr. Zeitz is not […]

3 Important Lessons for Building an Impact-Driven Company

Episode 47: 3 Important Lessons For Building an Impact-Driven Company

Anne Fulenwider is a former magazine editor for Marie Claire and a believer in the power of storytelling. She has interviewed powerful women including Melinda Gates, Mindy Kaling, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more on stages such as the Makers Conference and South by Southwest. After her mother died of a sudden heart attack in 2016, […]