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Virtual Events: What we do & what we don't do

With so many options and information available about planning a virtual event and virtual event services now, you can be well equipped to start. But, we also know it can be quite confusing trying to figure out what kind of partners you need to execute an incredible virtual event.

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Throwing a virtual event is DIFFERENT than an in-person event.

Maybe you are in the midst of deciding whether to move your event to virtual, or maybe you have already made the decision to take the plunge. No matter where you are in your decision-making process for your event, we can help. Deciding which partners you need to pull it off though… can be daunting. That is why we put together this post – to share what we do best and how we partner with others to make your event awesome.

It’s important to remember that throwing a virtual event is DIFFERENT than an in-person event. It can (will!) be wildly successful, but with digital engagement, prioritizing your content including marketing, messaging, and design is more important. While we do recommend finding great partners for production, mobile bidding (if it is an auction-style fundraising event), and live streaming – it does not end there. Here is what a marketing team like Evergreen Results can do for you and what we don’t do.

Our team places focus on 3 primary areas for your event:

How to recruit stakeholders to participate in your virtual event
How to engage stakeholders from before the event and all the way through
How to cultivate a great relationship with your stakeholders before, during and after your event

R.E.C. is top of mind at all times. This means we strive to create the best experience possible for your stakeholders from way before your event and far afterwards. Every touch matters. Every touch communicates a message to your stakeholders. We help you send the right message to recruit, engage, and cultivate as many stakeholders as possible for your event.

What we do:

What we don't do:

We can help you create an incredible experience.

We provide virtual event services starting at $5,700, and we offer the option to spread that investment out over 6 months for $950/mo. If getting the right people to your event is important and providing them with a great experience is worth your investment, then let us know. We want to help make your event unforgettable.


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