Episode 13

Grieving Dreams & Finding Gratitude in the Now

With Guest LeAnne Lavender

, Content Manager for Water for Good and Co-Owner of LoveWell Fundraising

LeAnne Lavendar

Early in the morning on June 15th, everything changed for LeAnne and Derek. LeAnne received a call from a man named David who explained that Derek had been in a terrible motorcycle accident. She will never forget the moment she was told of his injuries. She remembers the neurosurgeon handing her Derek’s helmet and a tooth fell out of the head mask. Derek suffered a complete T6 spinal cord injury, leaving him paralyzed from his armpits down. Derek would never walk again. LeAnne graciously shares about their journey of grief and how they have found gratitude in today. 

Today's Guest

LeAnne Lavendar

LeAnne Lavender

LeAnne resides in Indianapolis with her husband Derek and their dog Barkus Adroolius. During the week, LeAnne works as a Content Manager for Water for Good and is also the co-owner of LoveWell Fundraising. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, hosting game nights, and puzzling with Derek.

What We Talked About

The tragic accident that left her husband paralyzed from the chest down
How they both grieved after the accident and continue to work through grieving life’s most challenging situations
How LoveWell Fundraising was born out of this tragedy
Then how Lavender’s Longshot got into accessibility design for families who need beautiful, safe and functional spaces in their home
Embracing the heart of hosting
The value of community and investing in friendships
Focusing on doing the next right thing
Her advice for families with special needs during the holidays

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