Episode 34

Learning about Culture and Core Values from CoorsTek

With Guest Jonathan Coors



Jonathon Coors

Jonathan Coors, alongside his brother Michael and cousin Timothy, serve as the Chief Executive Officers of CoorsTek. They are out to “make the world measurably better” and they start within their company. They recently won Best Managed Company awarded by Deloitte and the Wall Street Journal making it clear that they are doing something right. They believe that core values are essential and people are a company’s best asset. Listen in as Jonathan discusses why core values are so important to the success of a company and how to translate this into actionable ways to instill those values even across countries and cultures.

Today's Guest

Jonathon Coors

Jonathan Coors

Jonathan Coors serves as chief executive officer of CoorsTek, Inc. He joined CoorsTek in 2005 and has held multiple leadership roles across the Company prior to being appointed CEO, including CEO/president of the Medical and Semiconductor team and Plant Manager with the CoorsTek Armor Solutions division. Prior to CoorsTek, Jonathan worked for the Office of the Governor for the State of California under Arnold Schwarzenegger in various operations and campaign roles.

Jonathan is passionate about translating the Company’s strategy into practical ways to grow the business in alignment with customer needs. With more than 4800 team members across 40 locations world-wide, he enjoys the challenge of integrating various corporate cultures and new ways of thinking and working into the fifth-generation family business. As an active member of the local Denver chapter of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), he values the importance of connecting and partnering to elevate family owned and operated businesses.

Jonathan holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Pepperdine University, and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Denver. He and his wife Erin live in Colorado with their children and in his free time he enjoys adventure racing and teaching his five boys how to fly fish.

What We Talked About

How CoorsTek is different from Coors Brewery
How CoorsTek is different from Coors Brewery
Origin of CoorsTek values
How to make core values actionable
Why the employees of the company are the greatest assets
Core values in the time of Covid
Family for Families Foundation

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