Episode 18

Plan with Conviction First

With Guest Ben Fearing and Brian Juncker

, Managing Partners

Strategic Talent Solutions

Ben Fearing & Brian Juncker

It’s the beginning of a new year and the topic of goal-setting is fresh on our minds. Ben and Brian are Managing Partners for Strategic Talent Solutions. They advise leaders on how to lead their teams, use processes that get results, and help them fully engage their employees to be passionate about their business goals.

Today we talk about the challenges they have faced in learning how to lead and build a consulting firm together, as well as what practices and philosophies they feel are important in goal-setting and planning for your year. To them – caring is planning and planning is caring.

Today's Guest

Ben Fearing & Brian Juncker

Ben Fearing and Brian Juncker

As Managing Partners of the firm, Ben and Brian consult with industry leaders and leadership teams on selecting the right leaders, developing leadership skills, and establishing management strategies for achieving their business goals. They each bring diverse talent management consulting experience along with backgrounds in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Ben) and Clinical Psychology (Brian).  They have led hundreds of leadership assessments and feedback sessions to promote individual and organizational development. As executive coaches to senior executives, emerging leaders, and leadership teams, Ben and Brian serve as trusted advisors in support of improved results on strategic initiatives.

What We Talked About

How Ben and Brian made their way to managing partners for Strategic Talent Solutions
The challenges and friction they have had learning how to work together as partners
How their partnership has been tested over the years
Learning how to own, lead, and build their firm
Stewarding the past to make their firm better
The balance of focusing on culture and strategy
Common pitfalls to not reaching your goals
The importance of caring about people
Learning to embrace the challenges

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