Episode 30

3 Leadership Lessons from a Former US Naval Officer

With Guest Justin Searle

, Executive Vice President


Justin Searle

From the US Navy, to investment banking, to healthcare for jails and detention centers – Justin Searle has approached each leadership opportunity with a service mindset. He cares about serving others well and making a difference. In our conversation today, we talk about the opioid crisis in America and how we have criminalized mental illness, but we also talk about 3 ways to serve and lead well through a crisis. As we continue to navigate leading through COVID-19, Justin’s advice is timely and wise.

Today's Guest

Justin Searle

Justin Searle

Justin lives in Golden, CO with his wife (Deb) and daughter (Hannah). He enjoys "outdoorsy" activities and loves being involved in different ways in his community: church, advisory panels, and service academy congressional nomination boards. He currently is an Executive Vice President with Wellpath and leads the local government business in the Western US, providing healthcare into jails and detention centers. Prior to that, he held multiple roles with DaVita (a healthcare company), was an investment banker with Goldman Sachs, and a US Naval Officer. Justin holds a BS from the United States Naval Academy and a MBA from the University of Chicago.

What We Talked About

How we have criminalized mental illness in America
Using Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid use and substance abuse with jails and community clinics
How he went from the Navy to investment banking to healthcare
The perspective of servant-oriented leadership that has led him forward
How COVID-19 impacted the way Wellpath was able to serve and how they had to pivot
How to lead well through crisis
Figuring out your “run-rest” cycle
The importance of delegation through crisis
Thinking about how to leverage tools and resources to build teams and move forward
How you grow when you’re uncomfortable...not when you’re comfortable.

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