Episode 21

The Two Choices We All Have

With Guest Phillip Clark

, Founder and President

ENABLE Special Needs Planning

Phillip Clark

Have you ever been so frustrated with how things currently are that the rewards of changing things outweigh the challenges? Has your past ever been able to inform your present and lead you towards the future?

That’s what led Phillip Clark to start ENABLE Special Needs Planning. Phil grew up on a family farm with his two sisters – Sarah and Grace. Sarah has Down Syndrome and Phil learned from his family and his sister that we all have two choices in life – we can look at life with a limited mindset or an abundance mindset.

Today's Guest

Phillip Clark

Phillip Clark

Phillip Clark is the Founder of ENABLE Special Needs Planning, which serves families in all 50 states. His younger sister, Sarah, has Down syndrome and is the inspiration for his team’s approach to planning for abundant opportunities today and in the future.

Phillip co-created the ENABLE Planning System that allows families to easily create a plan for their loved one. The system includes an online, interactive planning portal that guides families as they create custom plans – from the ease and comfort of home.

He is frequently invited to speak at conferences and organizations across the country where he shares his belief that: Everyone has the ability to be impactful!

What We Talked About

His childhood growing up with a sister with Down Syndrome
The two choices we all have: looking at life with a limited mindset or an abundance mindset
What his sister, Sarah, has accomplished and what she is doing today
The reality of the emotions that come up but how he has learned to redirect those emotions and thoughts
How parents can make sure they don’t create resentment within their children
How ENABLE Special Needs Planning differs from other firms
Why Phil and Chelsea decided to start ENABLE
How they worked through challenges to make special needs planning better
The greatest challenges they see families facing
What people often get wrong about ENABLE
How they responded when people said they couldn’t do this and how he worked through the self-doubt
Figuring out how to lead a team and grow a team
How vulnerability creates trust within your team
His message to families with a child with special needs

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