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UNDIVIDED with Chuck Mingo

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Chuck Mingo

What if instead of the topic of race only creating intensely heated or shamefully hushed conversations, there was an environment where those conversations could become catalysts for the kind of growth that bridges racial divides? UNDIVIDED is the manifestation of that hope. In today’s episode, Chuck Mingo, founder of UNDIVIDED, explains what racism looks like today and how it hurts everyone. We talk about things from second-hand smoke to prison, to monks, and Babylon…and how all of these things relate to race. 

Today's Guest

Chuck Mingo

Chuck Mingo

Chuck Mingo is the founder of UNDIVIDED, a program that takes participants through life-changing moments of racial healing. Through his passion for justice and racial reconciliation, Chuck has transformed UNDIVIDED from a congregational training into a national movement with hub cities emerging throughout the country. Chuck’s leadership through UNDIVIDED has inspired and mobilized thousands from diverse backgrounds around the nation. Reaching beyond church walls, UNDIVIDED has even extended into prisons, and internationally to South Africa.

For 13 years, Chuck has served as a teaching pastor at one of the largest churches in America, Crossroads Church.

Prior to being a pastor, Chuck spent 9 years in the corporate world at Procter & Gamble. Chuck is married with three children and calls Cincinnati, Ohio home. Chuck’s words and work have been featured in USA Today and The New York Times.

What We Talked About

The mission of UNDIVIDED
What the 6 Week UNDIVIDED program looks like
Chuck’s first experience with racism as a kid at a Christian school
How 2nd hand smoke relates to racism
How the church’s posture towards race has been one of his greatest challenges
The importance of facing the hard reality of the racial disparities that do exist today
How he finds ways to be hopeful
How surprised he’s been about how much he has changed through this journey
UNDIVIDED in prisons
How you can make a difference
His encouragement to white listeners to show up
How even in Babylon, God has good for us

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