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Blair & Norris, formerly known as Blair Well & Pump, is a quality, local service provider in central Indiana. They dig wells, install and service well pumps, bladders, and everything else related to wells. In 2018, they acquired Norris Septic Tank Service and operated under both names in an attempt to maintain the brand equity of both companies. While the strategy made sense, there was an opportunity to simplify processes and the brand to truly take advantage of the combined potential. Blair & Norris faced a series of challenges, including:
– Size of market presence
– Level of brand awareness compared to competitors
– Age and effectiveness of website with limited lead generation
– Lack of marketing strategy


With the new name established, Evergreen Results was ready to create a new identity. Historically, neither company formally developed a logo, so the next step was an important and exciting opportunity to build on the incredible reputation both entities already possessed.

Evergreen Results identified water as the common element among all Blair & Norris service offerings. With that, a blue color palette was selected along with a strong monogram mark with a single water drop inside a square badge. Next, a solid, bold sans-serif typeface with subtle, custom intricacies was chosen to ensure the uniqueness of the logo overall. Finally, the primary service offerings were added as a tagline to finish out the look.

Next, tight, direct messaging was established with descriptors such as “Your Water Systems Experts” and “75 years serving Central Indiana.” Communicating the care behind Blair & Norris’s service was also important, so tag lines like “Service with Empathy” and “We understand” were included to show their high value around customer service.

Evergreen Results helped us simplify our brand to empower both sides of our business. They created clear branding that depicted the value of service we have provided Central Indiana for the past 75 years. This broadened our customer base and increased our sales exponentially.

Mack Blair
, Owner
Blair Norris Identity


Blair & Norris’s leadership loved the update, and a very solid brand foundation was laid. Now, the company can continue to build on the great reputations of its original companies, grow brand recognition, and differentiate from its competitors.

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